Thursday, December 16, 2010

Conversations with Christian....

I have had several interesting conversations with Christian as of late.   Here are a couple of my favorites.

The Devil made me do it.
I went to pick up my darling son after school one day and the teacher looks and me and mouths "I need to talk with you".  Great... that is never good.  After the majority of the parents leave the hallway the teacher proceeds to tell me about Christian's "hard day' .   He talked without stopping when he wasn't supposed to, even after warnings, and couldn't keep his feet to himself at the table and was putting them on his table mates.    Perfect!  So I decide to have a little chat with my young son.

Me: Christian, you wanna tell me how your day was today?
Christian: It wasn't good mom.
Me: Why didn't you make good choices?
Christian: It isn't my fault... Mrs. Booth said I just forgot how to control my body;.
Me: Christian, you are responsible for your choices and you need to make good ones.
Christian: Mom, it isn't my fault!  It is all Satan's fault.
Me: (what the heck?  must hold back laughter)   Christian, it is isn't Satan's fault you made bad choices.
Christian: Mom it is Satan's fault!
(back and forth a couple of times)
Me:  Ok fine, how is it Satan's fault you made a bad choice?
Christian:  Because, he is the one that committed the very first sin by thinking he could be better and more powerful than God. And, he tried to talk others into to trying to be more powerful than God.   Now everyone makes bad choices, so it is all his fault.

Happy New Year
Today, we were leaving school when Christian mentioned that his teacher said she would see him next year.   I said that is true, on January 1st  it won't be 2010 it will be 2011.   Christian then informed me that meant that Jesus was almost 2011 years old then. I asked him where he heard that, he said... I just know mom.

Some days I am not sure how I am going to make it through the next 13+ years of parenting my son... I am gonna have to brush up on some things and fast!

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