Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Josiah...He is the youngest and newest addition to our family.   Josiah has had the most struggles of any of our children.  This is partly why I have waited so long to post about him. I was trying to decide how to describe him.
Josiah was born prematurely just like Christian. In fact he actually weighed more at 3lbs 15oz. However, he was born exposed to methamphetamine just like his biological sister Chloe. He spent 8 weeks in the NICU and has faced many medical challenges: severe asthma, severe reflux, aspiration issues, and feeding problems. Toss in substantial developmental delays and you have a perfect storm of obstacles.

Josiah came to us at 8 months old. Our first week together was spent in the hospital where his first of multiple feeding tubes was placed. That summer was full of hospital stays and doctors visits.  Fall brought about a g-tube (surgical feeding tube) placement and a surgery to help with his reflux.  The next six months were filled with seven  more hospital adventures for asthma issues and RSV. In addition to all of the medical challenges, Josiah faces tremendous developmental hurdles. At 8 months old he had just learned to roll across the floor, was not sitting up, socially smiling, or babbling.

Now a year later he is still our child with the most medical issues.  I am writing this blog while staying  in the hospital with him for yet another asthma flare. While we have conquered the feeding issues and no longer use the feeding tube we still have many hurdles to face.   He has the most substantial developmental delays of any child we have had. We are not sure yet what exact cause of all his delays are, but we are testing him to exclude autism next week.

In the end it doesn't matter to us. As I tell my friends... "They could tell me he is a purple snoopy dog and I wouldn't care as long as we get him what he needs!" We meet him where he is and do our best to get him the support he needs to move forward. 

Josiah has many strengths! He loves climbing on things and walking around the house. He also LOVES food.  His favorite game is peek-a-boo and his favorite words are mama, uh-oh and of course no!  He also has one of the best belly laughs I have ever heard! Josiah is my two year old, who is more like a 1 year old, and I love him for all of his quirks and challenges. Most of all I love watching him blossom into who God designed him to be...an extremely special blessing!

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